Bend Bike Trails

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Things to do in Bend Oregon

Every season brings new things to do in Bend, Oregon. In the spring and summer, visitors can fully enjoy the great outdoors as the warm weather opens up the entire Greater Central Oregon area for exploration and adventure. With so much to see and do, Riverhouse on the Deschutes has put together our own top three reasons you should plan a trip to Bend this summer.

Biking in Bend

Biking in Bend is a fantastic way to explore the surrounding areas in our region. Whether you are looking for an easy ride or something of a challenge, there are plenty of Bend bike trails from which you can choose. From Phil’s Area in the Deschutes National Forest to the Crater Rim Trail that circumnavigates an entire volcanic rim and two whole lakes, the unique adventures one can take on the 277 miles of singletrack trails with two wheels is seemingly endless.

Kayaking in Bend

The Deschutes River that flows through our property is also one of the most historically stable terrestrial water systems in our country. The steady nature of our favorite body of water makes it the perfect place for adventuring where paddleboarding, floating, and kayaking in Bend can all share space. Many outfitters will offer tours to the heart of the National Forest and through all the waterway channels that provide visitors a bit of picturesque sightseeing with a dash of aquatic adventuring!

Wanderlust Tours

One such outfitter offering a myriad of half-day tours throughout Bend is Wanderlust Tours. These naturalist-guided groupings take guests over the rivers and through the woods of many Central Oregon landmarks. From lakes, rivers, forests, caves, and every other natural beauty our area has to offer, they will have a tour for you. Even if outdoor adventuring is not your style, be sure to check them out for their ever-popular brewery and distillery tours.

Hotels in Bend

Riverhouse on the Deschutes is not only a comfortable home base for all types of Bend adventuring, but we offer a variety of summer fun packages to help complement your getaway to our Pacific Northwest paradise. These four packages include not only the perfect home-away-from-home for your getaway, but also your choice of one of the four most popular Wanderlust Tours (volcano, lava cave, canoeing, brewery). Make your own adventure while staying at one of the top hotels in Bend.