Summer Wanderlust Tours in Bend, Oregon

Looking for a summer vacation that’s full of adventure? There’s no better place than Bend when it comes to exploring the great outdoors! This region’s rich natural history makes it a fascinating spot for families wanting to connect with nature.

If you’re looking for things to do in Bend, Wanderlust Tours offers something for everyone- from volcano tours to moonlight paddles. Our award-winning tours will leave you and your family feeling renewed and inspired.

Here’s a rundown of the best summer Wanderlust Tours to check out this summer.

Best Summer Wanderlust Tours in Bend

Cascade Lakes Canoe and Kayak Tours

Central Oregon is home to the majestic Cascade mountain range which holds Bend’s stunning high elevation lakes. Wanderlust Tours is known for our iconic paddling tours through the scenic Cascade lakes led by renowned naturalist guides.

On this tour, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the local mountains and close-up exploration of coves, bays, and wetlands formed by ancient eruptions and erosions. You’ll also get to learn about Bend’s fascinating natural and cultural history while taking in the sights.

Wanderlust Tours also offers moonlight canoes tours so that you can enjoy the pristine waters of Cascade lakes under the stars.

Hiking Tours

If you’d rather explore Central Oregon on foot, Wanderlust Tours offers hiking tours that cater to all ability levels. Enjoy Bend’s unique natural history while spending quality time with friends and family during one of our breath-taking excursions.

Take in our gorgeous sunsets from atop one of Bend’s local volcanoes situated along the Cascade Range. Additionally, each sunset hike is rewarded with locally sourced beer or hot cocoa from Deschutes Brewery upon arrival at the tour destination.

Volcano Tours

If you’re interested in learning about Oregon’s explosive geological history then why not take a hike in the belly of one of Bend’s volcanoes? This engaging tour will take you on a series of short, easy walks that let you explore the inside of an enormous volcano. You’ll also get to learn all about how black volcanic glass is integral to human life!

Cave Tours

If you’re looking for an adventure that’s off the beaten path, Wanderlust cave tours are the perfect outing for you and your family. You’ll discover one of central Oregon’s best-kept secrets that few people have had the pleasure of visiting. We’ll take you and your family on a fun and educational adventure while exploring the vast network of underground caves just outside of Bend. During our exclusive lava tube cave tour or our limited entry cave tour, you’ll learn about the delicate ecosystem that thrives here and how it helps support human life.

Local Brewery Tours

Come behind the scenes of local craft beverage breweries with Wanderlust Local Pour brewery tours. Bend has an incredible variety of artisan distilleries, including cideries, wineries, kombucha distilleries, and of course, craft beer breweries! Learn about the process of distillation and fermentation from local experts while sipping on tasty craft beverages.

To learn more about summer Wanderlust Tours in Bend, check out our booking page and sign up for your tour today!