Wanderlust Tours

Explore Bend, Oregon with Wanderlust Tours!

Here’s a memorable idea to fulfill your wanderlust this summer season… join an epic Wanderlust Tours guided trip 
What is Wanderlust?  Besides being a German word that means ‘the desire to travel’ (wander= wander around, lust= desire) this company offers an outstanding means to see, smell, feel, taste and touch the beauty that lies all around Bend, Oregon!  And baby, does the beauty abound in Bend!
Paddling a canoe or kayak at 5,000 feet at the base of glacially-clad volcanic peaks is spectacular.  To dip an arm into the frigid mountain melt off is joyous.  Or to paddle under the light of the moon and see the mountain peaks reflect off the glassy waters of the lake surface via moonlight is truly unforgettable.  
Venturing under the earth in remote caves that litter the high desert landscape is sweetness.  To sit in pure darkness listening to invigorating silence or watch one's kids clamor over boulders and do belly crawls is a summer delight in Bend.
Maybe the beer culture draws one to Bend!  The Bend Brew Bus offers a delectable way to promote locally crafted liquid libations to slide over one’s tongue.  This trip is dang fun and provides interesting behind the scene's experiences at four of Bend’s local breweries.  The Brew Bus picks you up at The Riverhouse to ensure you get back safely as well!
Hopefully your wanderlust is set free this summer, not to be satiated but to be tickled and teased.  That teasing will inspire a desire for more outdoor adventures and to Discover What’s Around This Bend!